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25th Anniversary G-Shock With The Blazin ZShock Bezel

25th Anniversary G-Shock With The Blazin ZShock Bezel
W10022J $3,995.00
ZShock Bezel:

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These custom iced out genuine G-Shocks features the ZShock Blazin Series of Bezels all set with genuine or man-made canary diamonds. The ZShock Blazin Series of Custom G-Shocks harken back to the original styling that made the strongest impression in the worldwide G-Shock movement. The Blazin Series of ZShock Bezels are custom made and iced out with your choice of genuine canary diamonds or man-made canary Ziamonds. They can be ordered in ZShock's specialty Sterling Silver alloy with Black Platinum finish or Solid 14K white with a Black Platinum Finish, all with OEM precision and a factory fit. Don't be fooled by other blinged out G-Shocks, many are made by hobbyists or one time attemptors. ZShock is the originator of the factory fit and provides a bezel that fits over the G-Shock in a professional manner. No rig jobs here.
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  • ZShock is a specialty jewelry manufacturer. All ZShock items are custom made. Many items ship in approximately 10 business days. Some items may take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

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