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Custom made bezels that will trick out your G-Shock. Z-Shock it! Zshock.com specializes in the art of taking the Casio G-shock watch to a whole new level. Casio G-shocks are amazing watches that have so much to offer those who wear them. Why not customize the G-shock and give it a whole new look and personality. Z-shock makes bezel encasements for the Casio G-shock in a specialized sterling silver with Platinum finish or 14K solid gold; Z-Shock bezels can even be made in luxurious Platinum for you. The iced out Z-Shock bezels can be made featuring highest end diamond and precious gemstone simulants by Ziamond or Z-Shock can make your Casio G-Shock with genuine diamonds. Custom designs can also be made to your preferred specifications and all with OEM precision and a factory fit. Don't be fooled by other so called "blinged out" G-Shocks, many are made by hobbyists or one time attemptors. Z-Shock is the originator of the factory fit and provides a bezel that fits over the G-Shock in a professional manner. No rig jobs here, so come on and Z-shock it!