Diamond G-Shock Custom G-Shock watches fitted with our stylish ZShock Bezels

The ZShock ULTRA Luxe Series Custom G-Shocks

The ZShock ULTRA Luxe  Series Custom G-Shocks

The ZShock ULTRA LUXE has taken the iced out Premier collection to another level with an iced out Bezel, iced out Dial, iced out Buckles, and all function buttons iced out too!

These custom iced out genuine G-Shocks features the ZShock Premier Series of Bezels all set with genuine diamonds or man-made Ziamond stones with blacked trim borders. The ZShock Premier Series of Custom G-Shocks harken back to the original styling that made the strongest impression in the worldwide G-Shock movement. They can be ordered in ZShock's specialty Sterling Silver alloy with a Black Platinum finish, 14k White Gold with Black Finish and the ULTRA LUXE Series can even be made in luxurious Platinum, all with OEM precision and a factory fit. Don't be fooled by other blinged out G-Shock watches. Many are made by hobbyists or one time attemptors. ZShock is the originator of the factory fit and provides a bezel that fits over the G-Shock in a professional manner. No rig jobs here.